VR with a Soul


We reinvent the art of storytelling with immersive creations that bring us closer
to the world, closer to ourselves.

In 2014 we discovered VR via our friends from the gaming industry.


The main question was what kind of narrative story could be told through this new screen that was, according to many, the missing link between cinema and gaming.

We immediately felt it was more complex: no frame, no massive cuts, new sensations… The decision would be to work with a hybrid team : two movie producers, a stage director and a musician specialised in immersive sound design.


All together we experimented a lot of VR, trying to find out what was working or not on our emotions. Then we took a camera and tried to confirm our intuitions.


Eventually we wrote and produced a first story, mixing movie and live performance teams. We focus on narration and stir emotion and sensation in the viewer.

While working on these deeper emotions we found a higher purpose.


VR connects the I and the eye like never before. It can move us, touch us, change us, like never before.


Our brains store our VR experiences just like real ones, adding to the bricks of our identity. Our souls will never be the same. 


We see VR as a fantastic opportunity to tell stories of a new kind, that bring us closer to ourselves and to the world, rather than further apart.


Emotions that open our eyes, our heart and our mind. It is not about escaping, it is about connecting, sharing, embracing.


The ambition of the whole team now is to elevate the art of storytelling in VR to makes us better human beings.

Line & JB, Gengiskhan Founders


The Cliffs of V.

immersive fiction and live performance 

by Laurent Bazin

The Baptism

immersive thriller and live performance

by Laurent Bazin


mutli-sensorial immersive installation

by Judith Guez


interactive theatre play

by Laurent Bazin


interactive exhibition

by Judith Guez

& Guillaume Bertinet

"VR is the greatest means of expression
ever invented, but it is an illusion more powerful that any other, and should therefore be
in the hands of the magicians and the wizards
who could bring it to life"
King Vidor on cinema

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